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Delta Gunite Solano Inc. 

1735 Enterprise Drive, #103
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office (707) 425-7293
fax (707) 421-1373

Shotcrete and Gunite

Gunite- Dry Gunning

“Gunite” is a trade name for “dry gunned” concrete. The term “gunite” has been used so much that, to most people, it means spray applied concrete. People often talk about a gunite pool — meaning a concrete pool where the concrete is pneumatically applied or sprayed in place using air pressure. Many of us in the concrete spraying business have started using the term “dry gun” to delineate this process.

“Dry gun” means the cement and sand are injected into an air stream conveying it to the nozzle. The nozzle operator then adds the water at the nozzle and has total control of the water-cement ratio. The delivery hose of the mix is generally quite light, as the hose is mostly filled with air containing the mix of cement and sand.

Dry gunning allows concrete to be placed drier than most “wet gunning”. Operator training is very critical and can mean the difference between success and failure of application. 

Shotcrete- Wet Gunning

“Wet gun” means the wet (already mixed) concrete is pumped to the nozzle. Air is added at the nozzle to carry the concrete mix to the target — again pneumatically applied. We call the system “wet gunning.” Here too operator training is important.

Both processes undergo placement and compaction at the same time due to the force with which they are being applied. They can also be impacted onto any type or shaped surfaces. The biggest benefits are with vertical and overhead surfaces where typical poured in place concrete is costly to form and rather challenging to achieve placement and compaction in these situations.

All of our Nozzlemen are certified in both the wet(shotcrete) and dry (gunite) process!

Because we know that there are many situations for each of these applications (Gunite and Shotcrete) we feel it's important to offer both services. As you can see, the operator is one of the keys to having success or failure when it comes to Gunite or Shotcrete applications. This is why the industry along with, Delta Gunite Solano Inc, clearly support Nozzleman certifications. All of our Nozzlemen are certified by the ASA (American Shotcrete Association) and ACI (American Concrete Institute)!